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Why fulfillment need to your business?

Fulfillment is the process of storing, packaging and shipping orders, as well as processing returns and exchanges. Efficient and reliable fulfillment delights customers. You ship your products to Fume’s Fulfillment Centers and we pick, pack and ship to customers instead of you.

Who Needs Fulfillment?

Fulfillment need to Online stores, marketplaces, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers who want to reduce their costs and order processing time.

Business models we support

No need to rent or build your own warehouse, hire staff, buy additional equipment and software; Minimal participation in all processes, which simplifies the work of the owner of the online store.

The entire range of products is always in stock. This ensures that goods are sold quickly and easily.

Fulfillment — control of couriers, negotiations with delivery services are carried out by company specialists. This helps to minimize overlaps; Upon request, the buyer can pick up the goods from the warehouse.

Each wholesale trade has its own warehouse in which goods are stored. Dedicated Fulfillment Center provides optimization of warehouses for convenient regulation of the shipment of orders.

This will help you sell your product more widely. That is, you give us a large amount of your goods for storage, and we help to sell and deliver it throughout the country.

Our Services

Receive & Inspect products

We accept goods delivered from suppliers and check before placement

Store goods

We will place all goods in addressed storage areas for quick and easy search

Picking orders

Our picking system allows us to efficiently and quickly collect orders of any volume and complexity.

Packing orders

Our experienced specialists will carry out all packaging work quickly and without failure. We will also provide control at all stages, thanks to our own quality system.

Deliver orders

Fast delivery of orders “to the door” of your client throughout the territory of Uzbekistan.

Payment Agent

Acceptance of payments from end users and return of funds to your current account at the agreed time

Available Integration options

Our WMS and DMS system supports integrations with: Public API, Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Zid, Postmen.
In addition, our IT Customer Support employees help you to integrate with your platform.

Public API


Connect to our Public MARKETPLACE_API, which will allow you to use the system with full capability.



Our WMS is the source of truth and controls your items and inventory in Shopify, while orders are sent back to our WMS for processing.



Our WMS is the source of truth and controls your products and stock in WooCommerce, while orders are sent back to our WMS for processing.



Our WMS is the source of truth and controls your products and Magento inventory while orders are sent back to our WMS for processing.



Easily integrate with Zid which offers solutions from pickup to last mile delivery. It includes driver apps, cash on delivery processing and real-time tracking of all delivery staff and vehicle with various map integrations.



A scalable multi-carrier shipping application and shipping API for label printing and rate calculation. Supports 66 carriers such as UPS, USPS, DHL, CHINA POST and FedEx.

Costs Calculator

By entering the required information, you can estimate your costs for using Fume Fulfillment.

Storage Cost Calculator

Please enter the dimensions of your item and complete the other required fields in order to estimate per day storage cost of your item.

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Order Fulfillment Cost Calculator

In the tables below, you can find out the fixed rates for fulfillment services for processing one order. Price includes: picking, packing, shipment labeling services.

Size tier
Max. dimensions
Max. weight (kg)
Fulfillment fee
Small box
26x17x12 cm
<5 kg
Standard box
32x21x16 cm
5.1 kg < 10 kg
Large box
40x28x19 cm
25.1 kg < 50 kg
Small package
21×30 cm
< 5 kg
Standard package
26×41 cm
5.1 < 10 kg
Large package
50×69 см
10.1 кг < 25 kg

Order shipping cost calculator for online stores

The price below includes fast delivery of your order to the “door” of your customer throughout the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Assume the delivery fee by filling in the required field.

Up to 500 kg
Less than 300 cm on the sum of three sides
Estimated prices
Cash on delivery
0 sum